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Applying for the best cash payday loan online at is not a new need, so if you need a loan, it is completely normal and this can bring many advantages. The higher the number of loans you purchase and present them as more successful payments will automatically improve your credit score and this will be an indicator that tells financial institutions that you are a solvent and capable business manager.

In order to improve your sales by acquiring a loan is a simple matter and one that can prove to be beneficial, you just have to invest your time and assets in something that will positively influence your business:

  • Improve your cash flow by acquiring better and new equipment.
  • Provide your business with enough inventory so you can guarantee the availability of products for your customers.
  • Make renovations of their facilities, they can be an asset to get more customers, remember that they always look for something unexpected something new like it is nice facilities and decoration.

3 Benefits of requesting a loan in order to improve your sales

“Most borrowers will finally find that the best way in order to improve sales is by ensuring they have the right amount of funds to adequately respond to all business needs such as having enough money to pay providers or always keeping merchandise in stock “.

  • Long-term loans are more beneficial than you think

Having a long term loan can be a benefit for your business if you are interested in getting a better credit score this type of loans can be a great help to be considered a reliable borrower for financial institutions.

Your way of working through the financial system can be difficult, but if you want to be taken into account by banks and loan programs you can ask for a long-term loan in order to improve your credit score by always being on time with the payments and this will be rewarded with lower interest rates.

  • Diversify your portfolio of services/products

It is always a wise thing to do with a diversified portfolio, customers are always looking for the best deals out there. So it’s a great idea to invest in the creation of new products/service lines that includes a solution to the different needs related to your customers

  • Save more money available is always beneficial

Having money or a credit profile always available can be an important indicator that can be understood as a sign of confidence for all participants in your business process. Anyone can realize when they are going to manage a solvent company since their clients, suppliers or employees can realize if you have everything under control and that the finances are always correct. This situation creates a circle of trust in which all their employees believe in the company.

Tips to get more customers for your business

Mainly a company can find more clients by making some simple changes in the productivity mechanism of any commercial activity. Here are some tips that most business owners always have in mind.

Listen to what your customers have to say

Having happy customers are your ultimate goal, but some may have opinions and comments that may be of use to your business, for example, if you have a coffee shop and your customers may ask you about adding other products to the menu that It can be a successful trick to win more customers by selling unique products or adding offers or happy hours, so by using simple strategies and asking people what they would like them to have available for purchase it can be attractive to the new customers.

Find a point where there is convergence with your customers

Clients are always to tell and recommend their business to other people in that order they must have to find those places where they can talk about their service or products.

Also if you have a website that can create links between your profiles and website so you can make sure that more people will find your brand on the Internet. If you do not own a website you should consider getting one that people can see where and how to find you. If your business requires an online store with the greater reason you should focus all your efforts on your website, since selling online is going to be the key to your business.

Find what is so great about your business

Having mentioned the most common practices to get more clients there is something else you can do to offer your services to a wider range of clients.

You’re the owner like that, no one else knows your business better, so it’s not going to be a difficult job to find that thing that creates your personal style or differentiates your business from the rest, for example encouraging your customers to try their secret sauce or ingredient so that everyone knows about it, those unique things will join your customers for you.

Obtain the necessary funds to provide your business with full action

The market works in season so it is not surprising that you should be prepared for any change in the demand for your products, the acquisition of a business loan can be beneficial to improve the sale, for example, if you run a store dedicated to Selling products for summers such as tanning lotions and sun blockers, will be a great business idea that provides you with a huge amount of products right after the start of summer.

Keep this in mind in order to ensure you have enough supply to provide your usual customers, and they will not have to go elsewhere to get what they need.

These tips are beneficial for most types of business, it is always a healthy practice to be aware of market changes and in the case of financial services need Prestamos USA can help you with financial services.

The importance of having a website for your business

Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges at present is to stay in touch with your audience, the Internet is one of the most used tools by entrepreneurs to reach all their customers by giving the public access to their basic information, such as telephone numbers or physical addresses where your business is.

Especially people want to find information about their work or the amount their products or services are worth, so having a website for your business is a simple and reliable idea to expand the offer of your product, the way people are Implementing your marketing strategy is changing to a solid and efficient way where people can access their business information 24/7.

Being always available to your customers is something they really appreciate, and this is very difficult to do if you think about being behind a counter all day, but your website can do all the work and also shows your customers its products and it is also a great source of information about how to use them or where they are. Being this marketing strategy in which more companies are adopting, offering a suitable solution that can improve your income and the loyalty of your customers.

Some useful tips to develop your website properly are:

Use an easy-to-remember web address:
Try to find a friendly and short form of your website address that your audience can easily find. For example, if you have a store called a tanner store you should look for the availability of or so that people can be sure that they are contacting the right store and the information they have requested is the inked one

Try using social media to show images of your work:

Something that impresses people are the images more if they correspond to your work, for example, if you have a small business dedicated to producing cakes, try to upload photos of these, this way people can get more ideas from you and recognize your work

Make your clients’ lives easier:

When we say to make life easy for your customers we want to say, make sure your information is always available and visible, enter your phone number and physical address at the top where everyone can see it. Also, if you have a business email address, add it so if people can not reach you, they can do so by email. As described in this article (8 tips to sell online) You should know your market and accordingly provide you with information about your company that you believe is necessary for your client.

In order to obtain a loan to invest in your website, you can contact Gilbert and ask about how you can obtain funds to invest in your business.

A business loan is of vital importance to many companies. Without such a loan, business operations are in some cases even at risk and financial difficulties will eventually arise. To prevent this, a business loan can be taken out, although of course that is not easy in the current economic climate. There are various strategies to persuade banks to provide a loan. Proper preparation is usually the best way to do this.



When applying for a business loan, make sure that you are well prepared. Consider, for example, the WSD. If a negative WSD listing already exists, the chance of a loan will be nil. So make sure that the WSD does not have incriminating data and otherwise look for other options to get the money together. A business loan is only granted under strict conditions, which means that an assessment at the WSD is more the rule than the exception.

Convincing story

Convincing story

In addition, it is important to have the company’s data in order. Both for offline and online lending it is important to have a good overview of the matter and to be able to paint a convincing picture with a lender. Borrowing online is often cheaper, but this does not mean that the same conditions should not be met as with a regular loan, such as with one of the traditional banks. Make sure that the forecasts, analyzes and facts about the company are clearly written on paper. This information should ensure that a lender becomes convinced of the health of the company and has the guarantee that the business loan will be paid back. Borrowing online can make it easy to save on costs, but even an online lender will first have to be convinced of the qualities of the company before a business loan will be granted. In addition, the risk of the loan for the lender is naturally reduced if a clear and well-considered plan is presented. A lower risk usually means a lower interest rate for both offline and online borrowing.

All in all, it is therefore important to be able to withstand a WSD test well and also to be able to present a convincing story yourself. In this way, a business loan can be taken out with WSD even in these tough economic times.



Opening an account in an online bank allows you to benefit from a free bank account with a free credit card . The free account is sometimes subject to the condition of use of the credit card . Which banks online practice the conditions of use of the credit card and what are the costs of non-use of the credit card?


What are the terms of use of the credit card?


What are the terms of use of the credit card?


The conditions of use of the credit card is a condition that encourages online banking customers to use their credit card to make purchases under penalty of no longer benefiting from the free credit card .

The condition of use of the credit card applies as long as you hold the bank account. In order for you to always benefit from the free credit card, you must make a minimum number of purchases per month. If you do not use the credit card and you do not want to pay a fee for non-use of the credit card , then it is advisable to close your bank account . In spite of the conditions of use of the banking card not binding, online banks remain more competitive than conventional banks both in terms of services and banking products. Which online banks impose conditions of use of the credit card ?


Which online banks have terms of use for CB?


What are the terms of use of the credit card?



Online banks that have conditions of use of the bank card and who charge you bank fees in case of non-use of the credit card are:

  • Boursorama Bank with the Welcome offer only: 1 payment per month, otherwise 5 € / month
  • Monabanq : no spending condition with CB
  • Hello bank : no spending condition with CB
  • ING Direct : no condition of expense with CB
  • Fortuneo : 1 payment per month, otherwise 3 € / month with the MasterCard, or 5 € / month with the Gold
  • BforBank : 3 payments per quarter, otherwise 6 € / quarter
  • N26 : no spending condition with CB
  • Orange Bank : 3 payments per month, otherwise 5 € / month (8,70 € / quarter)

It is rare however that a customer pays a fee for non-use of the credit card since it is enough to use only a few times his credit card for his purchases. Why do online banks put in place the condition of using the bank card ? Because online banks want to encourage their customers to house their income at home so that their online banking account becomes primary rather than secondary. The implementation of the conditions of use of the credit card requires the customer to use his credit card for expenses a number of times per month or else pay a fee for non-use of the credit card .


Online banks thus hope with the introduction of the non-use of the bank card that a bank account opened by a customer in an online bank does not end up being an inactive bank account, that is to say an account without banking movement.






On Monday, the Financial Times published the FT 1000 list , an overview of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. Among them is also a crowdfunded company.


Methodology and prerequisites


Methodology and prerequisites


The FT 1000 evaluation is based on data from Statista . The growth indicator was based on average revenue growth between 2012 and 2015.

To qualify for the ranking, sales had to be at least € 100,000 in 2012 and at least € 1,500,000 in 2015. In addition, the company must be independent and headquartered in one of 31 selected European countries.




This year, HelloFresh from Berlin took first place with breathtaking sales growth of 13,159% in three years, followed by Codewise from Poland and Green IT from Dortmund. This has made two German companies on the podium. Among the top 10 there is another German company ( Landwärme ). There are also a French and five British companies.

In terms of mass, German companies are also ahead this year. In total, 236 German start-ups made it to the list, followed by the UK with just one less business. It was so close. It is followed by Italy (186), France (139) and Spain (102).

Not surprisingly, London has 78 start-ups ahead of cities, followed by Paris (45) and Milan (34). Berlin as the first German city comes in fourth place (32).

With a crowdfunded company!


In fact, the only German crowd-financed company to have made it to the list – at least to my knowledge – has Earthbearth . The first time but equal to 30th place! Congratulations to the team and all investors from my side!

The reason that no other crowdfunded company is in the top 1000 is probably due to the minimum sales of € 100,000 in 2012. I bet we’ll find more names we know in this list next year.



I find the evaluation aggregated very interesting and have also looked at one or the other companies from the list times closer. I am very happy that Erdbär made it to the list and then finished in 30th place.

What surprised you most about the FT 1000?


Warsaw – the capital of Poland, a city where various cultures intertwine, combine styles and classes. It is here that representatives of the business world, politics and management come to raise their qualifications. In addition, there are many universities in Warsaw, thanks to which you can get education at a very high level. It is here, to the capital, tourists from the country and around the world come down to admire the monuments and then move on. They welcome and bid farewell to their multi-colored billboards, which point the way and encourage them to stay longer and return.

Warsaw – the capital of Poland, a city where various cultures intertwine, combine styles and classes. It is here that representatives of the business world, politics and management come to raise their qualifications. In addition, there are many universities in Warsaw , thanks to which you can get education at a very high level. It is here, to the capital, tourists from the country and around the world come down to admire the monuments and then move on. They welcome and bid farewell to their multi-colored billboards, which point the way and encourage them to stay longer and return.


Billboards advertising 


Billboards advertising 


The city simply asks to put many billboards advertising a given product or service in the center or on the outskirts. Marketing specialists are competing in new proposals that attract the ear. Often, they also engage other senses, such as hearing, by creating an offer as a multimedia outdoor advertisement. In this way, they reach increasingly larger groups of recipients. Today’s society needs very expressive and specific stimuli to catch the message from many others. Outdoor advertising (ie in the outdoor style) meets the expectations of the modern consumer.

Thanks to the possession of many sports facilities, Warsaw is often the organizer of events in this nature, but also cultural events, such as concerts of the greatest music celebrities, skating performances, performances by masters and many others. Thanks to billboards visible from every point of the capital , both residents and guests will learn where to go for a wide range of entertainment.

Billboards often have large surfaces first to make them more visible. Secondly – thanks to this you can fit a lot more details about the thing being advertised to the event. Advertised in this way is remembered and can be the basis for discussions about the information presented on it. A smaller, but also an attractive form is citylight. It is a message in the form of a poster placed behind a glass or plexiglass. An ideal place for this type of outdoor advertising is, among others, a public transport stop. You can also meet citylights in waiting rooms in public places or shop windows.

There may also be external advertisements in the form of traditional poles with announcements, posters, etc. Warsaw is known for its diverse types of this type of information carriers. Depending on the part of the city (whether it is the Old Town, or more modern housing estates, or ancient Prague), the advertising poles are adapted to the ambient climate. Thanks to this, surfaces blend into the background and after some time they become an integral part of a given district.

The price for renting advertising space in Warsaw depends on several factors. Above all, the size of outdoor advertising is important, as well as its location, but also its location. The more popular sectors to rent, the more you have to pay.  



Why and which online bank to choose?


One in four French people think that all banks are equal when it comes to which bank to choose. That there are no differences when it comes to choosing a bank. So what are the advantages of an online bank? Which online bank to choose?


1. Choose my bank to save money


1. Choose my bank to save money


Which online bank to choose? To choose your bank, you have to study the pricing conditions and the bank charges applied. By opening a bank account in an online bank you can save an average of up to € 182 in bank charges. You benefit from a free current account, free daily transactions (transfers, statements, withdrawals …) and a free credit card. Online banks are cheaper than traditional banks.
See the offer of the cheapest bank


2. Choose my bank for the freedom and ease of managing your finances


2. Choose my bank for the freedom and ease of managing your finances

You still wonder which bank to choose, why choose an online bank? Online banks allow you to easily manage your money freely. You can edit online at the ceiling of your credit card, follow live (24h / 24, 7/7) changes in payments and withdrawals from your bank account on computer, tablet and even shows connected with intuitive banking applications. Visual representations and categorization of money moves available on websites or mobile applications online banks make you save time in managing your bank account.

3. Choose my bank for quality customer service

3. Choose my bank for quality customer service

With online banking you can benefit from expert advisors in finance that will answer all your questions about your account, but also savings, life insurance, mortgage, investment in stock market … Did you know that 50 % of online banking customers are satisfied with the services of their bank compared to 24% for traditional banks. The best customer service is Monabanq. They guide you by offering a budget coaching to control your expenses and help to fill out your tax return.
See the offer of monabanq

4. Choose my bank for attractive promotional offers


Still wondering what bank to choose? Online banks also offer up to € 120 offered (Monabanq) for the opening of a current account. You also benefit from savings booklet with better rates of pay. The most attractive promotional offer is that of Boursorama, which offers 80 euros directly to your account at the opening, then 150 € for each sponsorship, up to a limit of 10 per year, which is still 1,500 € offered on year. What increase your purchasing power!
See the offer of boursorama

5. Choose my bank for trips abroad, adapted to my mobility

5. Choose my bank for trips abroad, adapted to my mobility

Choose your bank to travel at no cost. With an online bank, you control all your banking actions through innovative applications from your smartphone, tablet, computer and even connected watch. Online banks also allow you to save on overseas fees like Monabanq, with its 50 payments offer and 25 cash withdrawals by credit card at no cost. With Hello bank you benefit from the Global Alliance network to withdraw money abroad at more than 50,000 ATMs. Online banking is suitable for a mobile student.


Which bank to choose today, more than 3 million French have opened a bank account in an online bank. Changing banks is easy and secure. The new bank takes care of all the formalities. simply sign a mandate with the new bank and send him the bank details of the old account. The new bank will inform banks of issuers of withdrawals and transfers of your new bank details. You therefore have no further steps to make to change your transfers or withdrawals. You can even choose to only transfer all your transfers and withdrawals and not close your account.

Savings are not affected by the new provision of the Macron law. You must close your Livret A, a booklet for sustainable development before you change banks. The transfer of the Housing Savings Plan (PEL) or the Housing Savings Account (CEL) is possible, but you will lose the benefits and the transfer has a cost. You can not transfer a home loan or a consumer credit. You can keep the loan or credit in your home bank, redeem it from your new bank, or prepay it.

Online banks have everything planned so that you can change banks easily within a maximum of 22 days with EasyMove Boursorama Bank, Hello Start Hello Bank! ING Switching Service, Fortuneo neoChange, BforBank B Switch and Monabanq’s bank mobility service.

Which bank to choose without income?

There are different types of online banking. Wondering which online bank to choose if you can not justify income? Monabanq is the only online bank where you can subscribe to a bank account without justifying income.
Monabanq without income

Choosing the best bank

Choosing an online bank means having the assurance of putting your money in a better bank, just as secure as a traditional bank. You can do all your online transactions which makes online banking easier and more interesting. To choose the online bank that suits you best, compare the largest retailers with the table below:


Which bank to choose? The opinion of the French

Today, one in two French people has not changed banks for more than 20 years. The French are very dissatisfied with the customer relationship with their bank. Only one in five French people are satisfied with the help given by their bank on their financial management. 60% of French think banks do not give more importance to their customers. One in two French people think they pay too much bank charges. He would be willing to pay € 50 a year, while the national average of bank charges in France is € 194. The French should ask the question which bank to choose , decide to choose his new bank, yet they are only 3% of French to intend to change banks .

Why do you observe such a feeble desire to change the French? one in three French people is worried about change and does not want to make any effort to adapt to the functioning of an online bank. one in four French people is worried that an error will occur during a change of bank . We understand better why they are undecided when it comes to determining which bank to choose . But rest assured, the bank change process is reliable and secure.

With the new Macron law that facilitates bank switching within a maximum of 20 business days, the French are reassured and can identify which bank to choose with confidence. There is no reason to hesitate to open a bank account in an online bank. Intentions to change banks are multiplied by four. Thus, if all bank change procedures are supported by the bank, it is more than 12% (instead of 3%) of French people who are ready to change banks. Of the 12% of French people who want to change banks, 24% want to open a bank account in an online bank .



The Scottish craft beer brewer BrewDog is currently looking for – not only for German standards breathtaking – £ 25 million. In the first 20 days could be collected £ 5 million . That’s amazing even for BrewDog’s standards. In 2013, the boys needed six months to get a comparable amount of investors.


Founded in 2007 by Martin Dickie and James Watt, BrewDog is currently Britain’s fastest growing food & beverage brand. The company with 365 employees not only brews its own beer, but also sells it via its own sales channels such as the online shop and its own bars, 28 of which have already been opened worldwide. BrewDog beer is already exported to 55 countries today.

BrewDog as a blueprint for crowdfunding


BrewDog as a blueprint for crowdfunding


The fact that Scottish brewers can raise a lot of money from the crowd in short periods of time should set an example for other companies that are considering crowdfunding. In many ways, the case can also serve as a blueprint for your own campaign. BrewDog has a few features that make it easier for the company to raise money that other companies may not own.

First of all, BrewDog has a B2C business model in the consumer goods sector , which means a high level of crowdability . This, of course, is a quality that other companies can not easily adopt. The business model should not have to change because of the desired refinancing type. It also helps that Martin and James like to be rebellious, for example, by advertising crowdfunding financing and wanting to get involved with the traditional finance industry :

“Crowdfunding should no longer be seen as a niche alternative, but a proven, workable option for those libertines and change-makers who want to shake up the status quo.”

Both are well received by crowd investors. The rebellion must already fit the concept of the company. If the German Post suddenly came back rebellious, that would hardly attract (positive) attention.


BrewDog as a financial investment


BrewDog as a financial investment


As far as the naked numbers are concerned, BrewDog has some positive points on its side. They have grown rapidly over the last few years. In 2014, it was 64% in sales. It is foreseeable that the company will continue to grow. Alone because the two Scots are absolutely on the marketing side. For evidence, see here , here or the pitch for the current campaign . I knew this then very small Scottish brewery because of its marketing before I ever saw or drank a BrewDog beer. The associated brand and its own distribution channels also speak for BrewDog. The expansion into America, for which an own crowdfunding campaign is already in the starting blocks, also stimulates the imagination.

The key question is: will it be worthwhile for an investor to have bought for the price today? With a price of £ 47.50 per share, BrewDog is currently valued at £ 305 million. For a company with a turnover of £ 29.6 million in the past financial year, this is a hefty price tag despite growth rates of around 70%. The fact that the company has not described financial planning in the prospectus (or anywhere else) does not necessarily give you a better basis for the valuation.


Further incentives for investment


Further incentives for investment


The fact that BrewDog has already conducted three crowdfunding rounds and tied in a crowd of more than 12,000 investors through its own investor side has enabled it to launch its own funding on the investor’s homepage in addition to the ” official funding ” on CrowdCube. The founders also use the network of investors and offer a very comprehensive referral program. From five recommendations you get a book and three bottles of an exclusive Milk Stout. Subsequent levels 10, 20, and 40 referrals each receive the previous level package and two additional rewards. The ten investors with the most recommendations get the full BrewDog package and the currently strongest beer in the world, The End of History .

How the prospectus creates transparency about how the funds are used also convinces me. It describes how the funds are to be used and also in which order the projects will be realized (or which projects will not be implemented if the full £ 25m do not come together). Each project and its benefits will be described separately in the Prospectus.

The (in my opinion) decisive incentive to invest, however, are the perks : £ 10 Beer-Bucks (money that can only be used in BrewDog bars), a birthday beer per year, discounts in the online shop and bars, invitation to HV and, depending on the size of the investment, you become a member of the beer club Abstract Addicts and receive a free subscription to the Equity Punks BottleBox Beer Club for a year. The whole thing makes sense, of course, if you like the beer too. After my trip to the craft beer festival in Frankfurt in September, I can definitely answer that for me with yes !



BrewDog can prove financially a good investment, but it does not have to. The probability does not seem high enough for me to invest under normal circumstances. However, I decided to draw the stock to participate in the BrewDog project and to accompany the boys on their journey. An investment in BrewDog is shopping in a culture and an attitude. Besides, I think I’ll get at least a big part of my investment over the perks. Here I just allow myself to use the fun investor in me.

Much more important than the question of whether the investment is worthwhile, however, is that BrewDog shows how money can be collected by the crowd in an intelligent way. What is your attitude towards BrewDog and its crowdfunding? Will you invest? 


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It is unthinkable today to live serenely without a bank account. Indeed, most people receive their salary or pay their bills by transfers. Bank details are also requested when performing certain procedures. Nevertheless, individuals are turning away more and more from traditional banks and subscribe to offers from virtual institutions.


Online banking: many benefits at stake


Online banking: many benefits at stake


Online banks are starting to grow in popularity . Indeed, these establishments offer more interesting formulas. Opening a bank account on the internet , in particular on , allows for example to obtain a free withdrawal card. Despite what skeptics think, these institutions are as safe as traditional banks. E-banking is a highly regulated industry and many regulatory authorities are involved. In this sense, customers are not likely to lose their money.

On the other hand, virtual banks offer fast and satisfactory services. Banking operations are accelerated. Likewise, all you have to do is complete certain forms to initiate certain procedures. Individuals can also save travel time. Indeed, they do not have to move to carry out certain steps.

Finally, the attractive rates attract everyone. Online banks are for the most part in a launch phase. In order to increase their customer base, they apply an attractive pricing method.

How to choose your bank online?


How to choose your bank online?


Contrary to popular belief, there are now many online banks on the market. So, making the right choice is not always easy. In order to find the best establishment, you should consult a comparison. These pages present the most interesting offers. In particular, they specify the gifts offered by the institutions concerned when opening an account. This could help everyone choose their bank.

For those planning to take out a loan, there are also simulators. These tools give an idea of ​​the formulas proposed by the bankers if one wishes to borrow. The page displays, among other things, monthly payments and the interest rate applied. The financial possibilities of the person concerned are taken into account.

In this sense, surfing the internet will be essential. Fortunately, the web is full of many banks that want to satisfy individuals.




The profitability of a financial investment is the main reason why French taxpayers are interested in it. It’s not just an account open in a bank. A financial investment can be short or long term depending on the risks you want to run. But, the pay is different depending on the duration. Discover the interesting media for 2019.


Summary of the page

  • 1 SRI funds
  • 2 Performance SCPIs
  • 3 Life insurance
  • 4 Structured products
  • 5 A Pinel investment
  • 6 The amount to invest


SRI funds

SRI funds

For 2019, SRI funds or socially responsible investment are attractive investment vehicles. They allow a reasonable return. A way to make a responsible investment. SRI funds provide earnings up to 10% return over one year. You should know that it is possible to integrate them into a life insurance.

Performance SCPIs

Performance SCPIs

This year investors can still rely on performance SCPIs. Media that have kept their appeal. SCPIs are perfect for preparing for retirement. In addition, they are ideal for making a stable and profitable investment in order to benefit from regular additional income. SCPI allows you to get your shares directly without counting fees.

Life insurance


For 2019, your life insurance can be supplemented with other products. Why not structured products that are invested in a stock index? You can also opt for SCPI SCPs. The amount invested depends on several factors such as your personal situation or your investor profile.

Structured products

Structured products


These are funds that can be included in a capitalization contract or life insurance. Structured products can diversify the allocation. They are an excellent alternative to euro funds. It is important to choose the structured product. Different parameters allow you to make the right choice through the performance of the support, the protective barrier to protect your capital or the duration. It is advisable to take a duration beyond 10 years maximum.


A Pinel investment


A Pinel investment

An investment that always has interest. It allows you to enjoy a tax reduction of up to 21%. The Pinel investment is a better financial investment for 2019. To benefit from the advantages it offers, it is necessary to fulfill the legal conditions. The most interesting is to invest without input and with credit. An investment that gives you the opportunity to build capital. It is more interesting to borrow at very low rates.


The amount to invest


The amount to invest


Achieving a financial investment requires a good strategy. You have to take the time to look at the amount you need to invest. Savings must be effectively allocated to each investment vehicle.

If you want to play the precautionary card, short-term investment. A long-term investment is riskier, but the return is more important. The types of financial investment are numerous. The choice will be made taking into account your investment strategy. The interesting financial investment products for 2019 have been presented in this article. It’s up to you to choose the right product for your needs.