On Monday, the Financial Times published the FT 1000 list , an overview of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. Among them is also a crowdfunded company.


Methodology and prerequisites


Methodology and prerequisites


The FT 1000 evaluation is based on data from Statista . The growth indicator was based on average revenue growth between 2012 and 2015.

To qualify for the ranking, sales had to be at least € 100,000 in 2012 and at least € 1,500,000 in 2015. In addition, the company must be independent and headquartered in one of 31 selected European countries.




This year, HelloFresh from Berlin took first place with breathtaking sales growth of 13,159% in three years, followed by Codewise from Poland and Green IT from Dortmund. This has made two German companies on the podium. Among the top 10 there is another German company ( Landwärme ). There are also a French and five British companies.

In terms of mass, German companies are also ahead this year. In total, 236 German start-ups made it to the list, followed by the UK with just one less business. It was so close. It is followed by Italy (186), France (139) and Spain (102).

Not surprisingly, London has 78 start-ups ahead of cities, followed by Paris (45) and Milan (34). Berlin as the first German city comes in fourth place (32).

With a crowdfunded company!


In fact, the only German crowd-financed company to have made it to the list – at least to my knowledge – has Earthbearth . The first time but equal to 30th place! Congratulations to the team and all investors from my side!

The reason that no other crowdfunded company is in the top 1000 is probably due to the minimum sales of € 100,000 in 2012. I bet we’ll find more names we know in this list next year.



I find the evaluation aggregated very interesting and have also looked at one or the other companies from the list times closer. I am very happy that Erdbär made it to the list and then finished in 30th place.

What surprised you most about the FT 1000?