Why and which online bank to choose?


One in four French people think that all banks are equal when it comes to which bank to choose. That there are no differences when it comes to choosing a bank. So what are the advantages of an online bank? Which online bank to choose?


1. Choose my bank to save money


1. Choose my bank to save money


Which online bank to choose? To choose your bank, you have to study the pricing conditions and the bank charges applied. By opening a bank account in an online bank you can save an average of up to € 182 in bank charges. You benefit from a free current account, free daily transactions (transfers, statements, withdrawals …) and a free credit card. Online banks are cheaper than traditional banks.
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2. Choose my bank for the freedom and ease of managing your finances


2. Choose my bank for the freedom and ease of managing your finances

You still wonder which bank to choose, why choose an online bank? Online banks allow you to easily manage your money freely. You can edit online at the ceiling of your credit card, follow live (24h / 24, 7/7) changes in payments and withdrawals from your bank account on computer, tablet and even shows connected with intuitive banking applications. Visual representations and categorization of money moves available on websites or mobile applications online banks make you save time in managing your bank account.

3. Choose my bank for quality customer service

3. Choose my bank for quality customer service

With online banking you can benefit from expert advisors in finance that will answer all your questions about your account, but also savings, life insurance, mortgage, investment in stock market … Did you know that 50 % of online banking customers are satisfied with the services of their bank compared to 24% for traditional banks. The best customer service is Monabanq. They guide you by offering a budget coaching to control your expenses and help to fill out your tax return.
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4. Choose my bank for attractive promotional offers


Still wondering what bank to choose? Online banks also offer up to € 120 offered (Monabanq) for the opening of a current account. You also benefit from savings booklet with better rates of pay. The most attractive promotional offer is that of Boursorama, which offers 80 euros directly to your account at the opening, then 150 € for each sponsorship, up to a limit of 10 per year, which is still 1,500 € offered on year. What increase your purchasing power!
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5. Choose my bank for trips abroad, adapted to my mobility

5. Choose my bank for trips abroad, adapted to my mobility

Choose your bank to travel at no cost. With an online bank, you control all your banking actions through innovative applications from your smartphone, tablet, computer and even connected watch. Online banks also allow you to save on overseas fees like Monabanq, with its 50 payments offer and 25 cash withdrawals by credit card at no cost. With Hello bank you benefit from the Global Alliance network to withdraw money abroad at more than 50,000 ATMs. Online banking is suitable for a mobile student.


Which bank to choose today, more than 3 million French have opened a bank account in an online bank. Changing banks is easy and secure. The new bank takes care of all the formalities. simply sign a mandate with the new bank and send him the bank details of the old account. The new bank will inform banks of issuers of withdrawals and transfers of your new bank details. You therefore have no further steps to make to change your transfers or withdrawals. You can even choose to only transfer all your transfers and withdrawals and not close your account.

Savings are not affected by the new provision of the Macron law. You must close your Livret A, a booklet for sustainable development before you change banks. The transfer of the Housing Savings Plan (PEL) or the Housing Savings Account (CEL) is possible, but you will lose the benefits and the transfer has a cost. You can not transfer a home loan or a consumer credit. You can keep the loan or credit in your home bank, redeem it from your new bank, or prepay it.

Online banks have everything planned so that you can change banks easily within a maximum of 22 days with EasyMove Boursorama Bank, Hello Start Hello Bank! ING Switching Service, Fortuneo neoChange, BforBank B Switch and Monabanq’s bank mobility service.

Which bank to choose without income?

There are different types of online banking. Wondering which online bank to choose if you can not justify income? Monabanq is the only online bank where you can subscribe to a bank account without justifying income.
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Choosing the best bank

Choosing an online bank means having the assurance of putting your money in a better bank, just as secure as a traditional bank. You can do all your online transactions which makes online banking easier and more interesting. To choose the online bank that suits you best, compare the largest retailers with the table below:


Which bank to choose? The opinion of the French

Today, one in two French people has not changed banks for more than 20 years. The French are very dissatisfied with the customer relationship with their bank. Only one in five French people are satisfied with the help given by their bank on their financial management. 60% of French think banks do not give more importance to their customers. One in two French people think they pay too much bank charges. He would be willing to pay € 50 a year, while the national average of bank charges in France is € 194. The French should ask the question which bank to choose , decide to choose his new bank, yet they are only 3% of French to intend to change banks .

Why do you observe such a feeble desire to change the French? one in three French people is worried about change and does not want to make any effort to adapt to the functioning of an online bank. one in four French people is worried that an error will occur during a change of bank . We understand better why they are undecided when it comes to determining which bank to choose . But rest assured, the bank change process is reliable and secure.

With the new Macron law that facilitates bank switching within a maximum of 20 business days, the French are reassured and can identify which bank to choose with confidence. There is no reason to hesitate to open a bank account in an online bank. Intentions to change banks are multiplied by four. Thus, if all bank change procedures are supported by the bank, it is more than 12% (instead of 3%) of French people who are ready to change banks. Of the 12% of French people who want to change banks, 24% want to open a bank account in an online bank .