Accompong Maroon Chief says annual festival is being held today, despite police warning

Bordeaux VSchief Richard VSurrie says it Aannual Msoon Fsummery in St. Elizabeth is going ahead as scheduled today (January 6).

This, after police issued a statement yesterday (January 5) inform the public not to attend the event, because it would be in violation of the Disaster Rrisk Mmanagement Aside, ARMD.

However, VSchief VSurinate on her IThis morning’s nstagram page said the event will still go ahead as planned, so maroons can continue their spiritual and traditional ceremonies as their ancestors did before them.

He said the maroon festival which celebrates their 284th Ananniversary should be compared to other religious events such as Pilgrimage at Mwhere MMuslims around the world have the chance to tour the Kabba.

And in a post on the Acompong NOTnetwork NOTews community said the event is virtual for all and will be held with the norm VSovid-19 protocols are enforced at all times.

Just yesterday (January 5), the St. EElizabeth Police in a statement said they were informed by the Mministry of Hhealth and Oellness that no approval has been given for the organization of the event, noting that those who attend could be prosecuted.

Superintendent Dweight Daley called the ohevent organizers to comply with the guidelines and cancel the scheduled event.

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