Cucalorus launches Kickstarter to host its annual in-person festival

The Cucalorus Film Festival launched a Launch campaign aiming to bring back the annual in-person film festival this year.

The campaign aims to reach $ 27,000 in donations, after receiving more than $ 5,000 on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Kickstarter post, the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the organization.

Dan Brawley, head of the festival, said last year’s pandemic made things difficult as the organization was unable to meet in person.

“So last year really took our breath away. The screenings behind the wheel were a good solution to a difficult situation, but we really thrive being together, ”Brawley said in an email. “And also, we lost about $ 200,000 in income. We made up for that a bit with some relief funding, but we were in quite an exciting time to grow our revenue to a sustainable level with many years of growth of over 10%.

Cucalorus, in partnership with UNCW Office of the Arts, StarNews and WHQR Public Media, hosted the Curbside Cinema series, offering drive-in movies at the height of the pandemic.

The organization still relies on donors to keep the festival going, Brawley said, adding that this was Cucalorus’ ninth crowdfunding campaign in the past 12 years.

“The good news is that everything is fine. With tight financial management, new revenue streams from hosting over 60 outdoor and outdoor screenings last year, Cucalorus is in a stable financial position, ”Brawley said.

Organizing a crowdfunding campaign is the most effective way to connect with donors, who come from all over the world, he said.

The crowdfunding campaign is open until July 28 at midnight and will only be funded if it reaches its goal by that date.

Pledges can be made without reward, but donors can also choose from many benefits, including writing a message on the wall of a Jengo’s Playhouse bathroom, bumper stickers, T-shirts, event tickets, a voicemail recording by Brawley and more.

The 27th annual Cucalorus Film Festival takes place November 10-14. Last year’s festival featured a mix of virtual and in-person events with films viewed in drive-in and online.

In addition to donations, many programs managed by Cucalorus, including funding for filmmakers, regional festivals, a residency program, youth education programs and more, are funded through specific contracts through grants. grants, government and foundations, Brawley said.

“The money we raise through Kickstarter is really essential for our overall health and our ability to host a creative and imaginative experience,” he said. “Donor funding gives us the flexibility to respond and adapt in a way that is so important both in running a business but also in hosting a big festival. “

Click here for the Kickstarter campaign.

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