Sidewalk chalk and sun star at the annual festival


The sidewalk plazas around Town Hall got a colorful – albeit temporary – new look on Saturday as artists of all ages created mini-masterpieces at the Onset Chalk-Full-O-Fun Fest .

SpongeBob SquarePants, his friends, and his neighborhood were by far the most popular topic – perhaps because the day was so sunny and hot.

The arrival of the ice cream truck in the early afternoon was announced by singer Kim Trusty, who provided a sweet soundtrack for the day.

“It’s so nice to play outside and feel safe,” Trusty said. She added that she loved watching people of all ages create art.

Treats were available from food trucks, and a number of artists and artisans showed off their wares.

Usually held at the Onset Bandshell, the festival had to be moved as this venue is about to be under construction. Fortunately, said organizer Milly Burrows, city hall has provided plenty of parking and toilet access.

“It’s going well,” Burrows said. “People are here to have fun.

Artist participation was lower than in previous years, Burrows said, likely due to the pandemic, the new location, the impending storm and the limited time to promote the event.

“We had an amazing group of volunteers who were able to prepare for this in a relatively short period of time,” said Burrows.

Rin Rezendes, a Lakeville illustrator and 2020 Old Colony graduate, was the festival’s featured artist. Rezendes has been to several past festivals and won a few, and said it was especially nice to get paid to create a work at the event.

Her design, created during the day with the help of her boyfriend, Matt Braga, depicted a gender nonconforming person with a vivid braid and a classic witch hat.

Rezendes said that although he initially considered drawing a number of small characters in the cute Chibi style (popular in Japan), he instead decided to make a larger piece more representative of his art style.
The character was the one he had dreamed of for some time, he said.

Rezendes illustrated a book, “Beyond Us”, written by Old Colony Superintendent Aaron Polansky, in 2019.

Rezendes said his advice to young artists is to “go for it”.

“Just explore,” he said. “It’s really important to experiment with the things you like.”

Cailin Tessier was the big winner of the festival. Amanda Sellars and Jackson Gillman received honorable mentions.

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